I’m Free!

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Today and tomorrow (4/25/17 and 4/26/17), THEN HE SHOWED UP is available for FREE! Now is the perfect time to discover the characters in this first book from my series, Love From Austin. Here’s a taste from when Kate Livingston meets Jack Graham:

She had to look up to see his face. His thick, brown hair was tousled. Sunglasses blocked his eyes, but she was drawn to his easy smile—confident and friendly. Whiskers, along with a faded polo and worn khaki shorts, proved he could relax on a Saturday. But he didn’t look shabby. More like he’d just flown in from Martha’s Vineyard.

Interesting. Her faded get-up spoke of the YMCA community pool. Maybe it was the pink bird.

This two-day special is to celebrate the release of THEN HE CAME BACK (Love From Austin Book 2) THIS THURSDAY (4/27/17). Then He Came Back Final Compressed

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