thenheshowedup-amazonThen He Showed Up             

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Widow Kate Livingston needs a twelve-step program for worriers. Really. Did anyone ever run a background check on the ice cream man? She’s determined to protect her family from anything that could rock their world, including unemployment. If she can convince a high-tech company to bring their newest plant to Austin, it could mean thousands of jobs for the state and job security for herself. Then Jack Graham shows up. When work throws these two together, something starts to develop, but it has nothing to do with business. This standalone story is Book 1 in the Love From Austin Series.

Then He Came Back Final CompressedThen He Came Back   

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Sue Brinkley will always keep the upper hand when it comes to men. She’s come a long way from the teenager abandoned with a baby. When her son requests a meeting with his dad, she agrees, but only on her terms. Too bad control flies out the window as soon as Trey Harrison walks back into her life. This standalone story is Book 2 in the Love From Austin Series.