All I Want For Christmas

file0001571619565Do you remember when you were a kid and this was the most exciting time of the year? We didn’t have Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Hell, we didn’t even have the internet. My sister and I lived for the day the toy catalogue would arrive in the mail (think it was Sears or Penny’s). We’d sit side by side and study each page of every toy available to man (at least those living in our mailing district) and pick our favorite. Such an exciting time. A wonderful memory.

Jump forward forty-five years. Even my kids are past the toy age. Their lists consist of fun things like money and iPhones (dream on, girlfriend). I’m not much better. I don’t have an easy-to-shop-for wish list. I don’t NEED anything, thankfully. My wants, however, would require a Christmas miracle.

  1. A family photo. Sounds simple, but this one would involve all parties willingly participating without complaint. All parties would dress appropriately. I’m not even asking for matching clothes. Just take a shower. Don’t dress like you’re clubbing.enchanted-april1
  2. Family movie night. One in which I get to pick the movie and everyone stays in the room. They wouldn’t make fun of every line or twist in the plot. They’d pay attention and end up loving it. We’d all talk afterwards, sharing our favorite parts. We’d have a family hug just because our hearts are so filled with joy.
  3. A personal trainer who is also a physical therapist. They could lead me through a fabulous workout, then treat me afterwards, when I’m barely able to walk.
  4. A spot on the New York Times Best Sellers List.
  5. World peace. Hell, I’d just settle for peace among my friends on Facebook.

A tough list, I’ll give my family that. But one can always dream. ‘Tis the season, right? Leave a comment with your dream gift. I’ll draw from those of you who post before midnight December 1, 2016, and send the winner a $25 Amazon Gift Card. It’s not world peace, but it could buy you some fabulous fruit cake.


Toy photo by cohdra

39 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. My dream gift list is very much like yours, Chris. At the top of my list, is a GAME NIGHT with my kids. (No, not VIDEO games.) Right below that is LOTS of sales for my new book release. 🙂

  2. Oh, honey. I’ve given up on the game night. It’s my own fault. Seems Momma gets a little too competitive. I’m sure you’ll rock the lists with “The Wonder of You.” It’s a wonderful story.

  3. Love your list. I’d add everyone in the family cooking together instead of me stuck alone in the kitchen while they watch TV. Lol. Hope you print this out and stick it on everyone’s pillow!

  4. Reblogged this on Book Smart TV and commented:
    A chance to win a $25 gift card just for adding your Christmas wish list below. Who would pass that up? Thanks to author Chris Campillo whose fantastic book, “Then He Showed Up,” is out this week! Hysterical. Take it away, Chris!

  5. I want my family to spend gift money on creating time together doing or seeing things and making memories. No more stuff to find a place for. Hugs!

  6. Hi, Chris! Here’s my list:

    1. For all the dogs and cats in my local shelter to be adopted so they don’t have to spend the rest of their lives alone and sad.
    2. Someone who would like to play chess with me.
    3. Patience and grit to grow my email list.
    4. A new bike.

    There you have it. Happy holidays 🙂

  7. I feel really lucky because we have game night a lot – we often play games at dinner. Not good for teaching manners, but it’s fun even if we might stuff our pie holes in between turns and shouting.
    So, even though it’s kinda selfish, I would like an animatronic chicken. Preferably two animatronic chickens, vintage models, that I could put in the front window and keep the neighbors guessing.
    However, I know Amazon doesn’t sell animatronic chickens, because I’ve been looking for some time, so …. I would give the gift card to my husband who works on Saturdays at a church soup kitchen and they could use it for something worthy.

  8. This is so funny because my dream gift is an Amazon gift card. No really… I’m not kidding!
    I keep a secret balance on Amazon. I buy books, I gift friends and family… it’s kinda like free money that I don’t have to explain. I love it!
    Oh yeah… and World peace and Facebook goodwill would be swell, too. Whatever you can do about that would be great Chris.

  9. My dream gift list:
    1) All family and friends who are battling cancer would receive treatments with less pain and discomfort. And also to have their next test results be positive ones.
    2) To have a whole year free of anyone new being informed they have cancer.
    3) An automatic Mah Jongg table

  10. My dream gift cannot be purchased or made with glitter and glue. What I want for Christmas is for my daughter to receive her acceptance letter from the college of her dreams. A nice scholarship with that letter would be the lovely bow on top.

  11. My dream gift is that my husband’s job brings him home for good and also we can get that crazy family of mine together for the holidays soon!!!!

  12. 1) For me to know that I am fantastic in my flawed human state and pass that on to my children.
    2) To be more forgiving of everyone, especially myself.
    3) To find my true passion and take steps to make it happen (just like you have done).

  13. A group I belong to give away toiletries, clothes, snacks once a month, under the 8th street bridge, to people experiencing homelessness. I have been doing it for over two years and have seen many of the same people in our line. My gift would be for those people to not have to rely on our line and other generous organizations. To not see them at our next giveaway, due to the fact they have found housing and work, would be a wonderful gift!! Then, of course, there are lots and lots of books! 🙂

  14. My List….Well….I would wish for world peace.
    But sadly, I don’t think that can be wrapped up quite so neatly.
    When my oldest was three and my youngest was one we took my oldest to Disney ( her dad at a meeting there…so it was a tag along vacation ) We left my one year old with my folks. Ever since then, I have promised my youngest that we would take her. She is now nearly 10 and we still haven’t been able to take her. So I guess my one BIG wish would be to take them both to DisneyWorld.

  15. All I want my husband to be home more than 30 hours per week (and it’s really only 15 hours when you factor in sleeping). My wish is that his job will allow him more time home😓😥

  16. All I want is for our baby girl to be healthy again, and for our sweet boy to not feel like he’s always living in his sister’s shadow. It’s been a rough year, but I am thankful for what we do have…like awesome friends who write romance novels!

  17. And the winner is…………..K. Kris Loomis! Congratulations. Thanks to all of you for leaving your comments. It was amazing to see how much love is out there. I will be doing more giveaways, because I have to say, it’s fun. Stay tuned.

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