A Writer’s Journey

My Weekend Head Trip

Last weekend I attended
Micheal Hauge’s Advanced Story Mastery Seminar. It was an intense, two-day program studying plot structure that he’s broken into six stages, looking at both the external and internal journey of the hero. Great information. I definitely recommend it for anyone with even the slightest interest in writing a novel or screenplay.

While taking copious notes and soaking in the lesson, the strangest thing happened. I took my own journey. It too consisted of six stages, or in my case, emotional check points.


1. Confidence


I’m going to learn so much and take my writing to the next level.

2. Hope


Yes! This makes sense. My story’s on track.

3. Angst

cat yawning

Oh, hell. My story is so eff’d up. I’m going to have to rewrite the whole thing. (Writer’s worst nightmare, second only to having your work ridiculed.)

4. Depression


Why did I ever think I could write? I should have taken up candle making.

5. Acceptance


Dear God, help me to accept that even if I’m not meant to be a writer, I can still put this information to use.

6. Peace


I am a writer. I may never follow the perfect structure, but I will write. And I will publish because I want my story out there. This is a personal goal, and I will achieve it.


Turned out to be an amazing weekend. I learned a lot about story structure. I came up with some specific ideas which will vastly improve my book. But my head trip may have helped me the most. Greatest lesson learned? Avoid Angst and Depression. If you see them approaching, lock your doors and hit the gas. Even if you only spend a few moments at these pit stops, it’s wasted time and horrible on your engine. Seven days later, I’m still receiving post cards from these dreaded cities, but I’m working hard to ignore them and stay in Peace – Best Destination EVER.

7 thoughts on “A Writer’s Journey

  1. Don’t you find that cycle almost every time you write a book. Sometimes I need to get low, before I get high. What I mean by that, is if I’m flying high on ego, I’m not as critical and I find it productive to be a tad (not full blown) depressed and negative.

    But it may be that I am still in such early stages of my writer’s journey that the “peace” stage is not sustainable for me yet!.

    Congrats on your journey!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

    • I understand what you’re saying. Unfortunately, the negative side of the cycle can shut me down. Finding peace is a constant “battle.” Not sure it will ever be a permanent state of mind as far as my writing goes, but I’m much more productive in this state.

  2. So true, Chris, especially about the candle making! How about we just skip over all the steps and go straight to #6, Peace! Thanks for the laugh.

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