Coffee And Cat Litter

Precious Gifts of Love

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the early years of our relationship, my husband overwhelmed me with romantic gestures. Like the time he convinced my apartment manager to let him in my building (supposedly, a secure facility) and filled the lobby and stairwell with balloons. And it wasn’t even my birthday. The week before our wedding, he sent me a bouquet every day with a special note. The man loved to make me themed dinners, including cocktails tailored to match the meal – always delicious, always potent. Hey, wait a minute….

Some twenty years later, he’s still got the moves. He gives me a special piece of jewelry every anniversary. On Valentine’s Day, I always receive a heart-shaped box of candy along with a card that helps me forget all the fights from the previous year. Yes, all you young things, that’s part of the happily ever after.

But over the years, he’s expanded his repertoire of love gifts. Setting up the coffee maker before bed every night. Scooping the cat litter when my son’s forgotten. Screening calls and hushing the kids so I can enjoy a Saturday nap.

I will always appreciate a romantic night on the town or a thoughtful gift. But I feel his love the most when I’m climbing into bed, wearing a ratty, granny gown and a face full of retinol repair cream and he says, “You are one sexy lady.” No, I’m one lucky lady. Have I mentioned he’s legally blind without his glasses?

12 thoughts on “Coffee And Cat Litter

  1. As always Chris, I love reading your blogs. This one made me really smile. Isn’t that what love really is?!?! Sent from my iPhone


  2. Always love your posts, Chris, but I have to confess, this one made me jealous. My husband has always done the nasty dirty jobs and loves me in my granny jammies, but he hasn’t got a romantic bone in his entire body. Which is why I write romance.

  3. How sweet! That’s what it’s all about, really. All the big gifts and gestures on Valentine’s Day wouldn’t mean squat without all the wonderful little kindnesses throughout the year. Hope you and your honey had a fabulous Valentine’s. 🙂

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