Time Travel – Dinosaurs Not Needed

Over spring break, my daughter went to Broadway on a field trip, my husband took my son fishing on the coast, and I stayed home. I got the best deal of them all.

It’s been fifteen years since I’ve been alone in my own home. I’m talking overnight-alone. What wonder, what joy, what freedom. No interruptions. Let me repeat, no interruptions. All of you who share a house know the beauty of this gift. It reminded me of the days when I was single. No one to care for. No one to take into consideration. Dinner consisted of Grape Nuts.

It was a lovely trip back in time. Not a place I’d want to stay, but so enjoyable for a few days. This got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were time travel? I’m not talking about hanging out with Abraham Lincoln or telling off the guy that broke your heart. Just a day to go back for a taste of something special.

  • Nursing my baby in the middle of the night. Hearing his contented sigh when he was done.
  • Falling in love with my husband, feeling my chest explode with joy when he walked into the room.
  • Sailing with my best friend in high school, talking about boys and all the adventures that were ahead of us.
  • Living the life with my husband when we were DINKs and could be as spontaneous as we wanted.

But alas, there is no time travel. Just memories and photos that make up what we have now. And despite the lack of privacy and single income, the kids that claim we’ve ruined their lives, and the challenges a couple faces in twenty-some years of marriage, the here and now is pretty damn good.

Now if I could only convince my family that Grape Nuts is the best dinner ever.



11 thoughts on “Time Travel – Dinosaurs Not Needed

  1. Great post! Chris, you already know one time and place I’d be if I could time travel. My childhood in England. I wouldn’t trade that experience for a bowl of Grape Nuts even if it’s the best dinner ever.

  2. Love the post, Chris. Cereal for dinner rocks!!!

    My grandparents had a house on the beach in Washington state. As a child, it was the most wonderful place on earth. Lots of freedom, a big scary basement we’d dare each other to run through, binoculars to watch the ships and a black cat named Spooky. I’d definitely go back there for a visit… Then swing over to England to see what Jillian was like as a kid.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Now, what to make for dinner?

  3. “A big, scary basement.” Our kids are missing out down here in central Texas, land of limestone, where a crawl space is considered an oddity. You’ve got to love a cat named Spooky. Sounds like another journey I’d want to join in.

  4. Chis, You actually brought tears to my eyes. As you know, my youngest is fixing to wed. I pretty much cry at everything right now but to hold my babies again as babies would be the ultimate thrill. Cereal for supper comes in second. Wonderful post.

  5. Chris, I’m pretty much in the same boat as you are with David away at training. It’s like he’s deployed all over again. Although we don’t have kids, it’s nice–for a few days, anyway–to enjoy the quiet-all-mine time and setting my own schedule. No Grape Nuts for dinner here, though. It’s Shredded Wheat or nuthin’!

    Loved seeing your flashback pics via a bit of personal time travel. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Laurie. So happy for you and your second Golden Heart final (or would this be number 3?). Hope to see you in Annaheim. And btw, I’m not a Shredded Wheat fan, but I will respect you as a cereal supper comrad.

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